Purchase and Delivery


The prices mentioned with the articles are in euros, including VAT. Order charges are (unless stated differently) not included in the mentioned prices. Before concluding the agreement, the total price, including order charges will be communicated through our website.

The schedule for delivery charges is as follows:

All prices are indicated in euro’s and taxes are included.
The total price has taxes and shipping included.
0 to 40 euro = € 4.00
Above 40 euro = € 6.00
50 euro and up = free
€ 7.00
50 euro and up = free
€ 11.50
100 euro and up = free
€ 7.50
100 euro and up = free
€ 15.00
100 euro and up = free
€ 9.50
100 euro and up = free
€ 11.00
100 euro and up = free
€ 15.00
100 euro and up = free

Shipping will not be reimbursed when an order is returned.

Payment is made in (one of) the way(s) as stated in the order process. A customer’s order can be subject to further payment and order conditions. After placing an order, the customer will directly receive a confirmation per e-mail stating the total costs, including order charges. Payment is always made beforehand.

• IDeal: by using internet banking you can securely pay electronically through our site. After placing your order, you select the payment method iDeal.
• Paypal: You can also directly pay online by using Paypal. Your payment will be authorised online so you will immediately know if this has been approved or not.

The customer authorises “bretonstripe” to perform all dealings necessary to make the payment in the payment method selected by the customer.

Bretonstripe strives to prepare the orders for delivery within one working day after receipt of the payment. However, Bretonstripe is not obliged to this. The final delivery time is 30 days from placing the order, except for orders whereby the customers has indicated a later delivery time. If it is not possible to deliver the order within 30 days, the customer will be informed on time and he/she has the right to cancel the order free of charge.
We will not send out an order if these order is not complete yet, unless this has been consulted with the customer. If the delivery is not (temporarily) in stock, or has been delayed due to other reasons, or if the delivery cannot be made or only partly be made, the customer will receive notification of this within seven (7) working days after placing the order. In this case the customer has the right to cancel the order free of charge. In this case Bretonstripe will ensure for a full refund.
Subject to deviations in colour, type, text and/or price adjustments. Offered goods and/or services are clearly and truthfully pictured and/or described as complete as reasonably required.

Retention of ownership
The ownership of the supplied products will be transferred when the client has complied with all his/her obligations towards Bretonstripe regarding the delivered products arising from the concluded agreement(s).

To return and exchange
We do are upmost to inform you through our website about our articles. However, if an article does not meet your expectations, you can return or exchange this. But the customer is obliged to return the articles at their own costs. For returns and/or exchanges (hereinafter: returns) a few conditions are applicable.
Articles that you have bought through www.bretonstripe.com can be returned and/or exchanged without stating any reason. However, you have to comply with the following conditions:
• These articles should be notified for return within 7 working days after receipt at the delivery address, either per phone or per mail.
• The articles should be in the original condition of shipping including attached labels and should be returned in the original packaging.
• Articles that you have bought in the sale with a discount of 50% or more cannot be cancelled.
Bretonstripe only accepts returns that are in accordance with the above stated conditions. Returns that have not been notified within the stipulated time period will not be accepted. After receipt of you return you will receive confirmation per e-mail. In case of prepayment, the amount of the returns will be credited by us in the shape of a voucher, issued by Bretonstripe. The voucher is valid unlimited and you can use it online to pay for an outstanding order (or part payment) or you can use the voucher during your next visit to our site www.bretonstripe.com.
The customer is obliged to return the articles at his/her own account. Returned deliveries should be sent by post and should have enough postage. Returned deliveries with insufficient postage will not be accepted and therefore not be credited.