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Hopefully a sunny Easter!

Next week it is Easter. This year Easter falls on Sunday, April 21 and Monday, April 22, 2019. With the start of the watersports season and the days-off coming, we hope for sunny weather of course.

Still the Easter can be a bit fresh. If we look at the past few years, the chance of a cold Easter is greater than a warm Easter. If it is a bit chilly it is nice to have a hat, hair band or scarf.

There have also been Easter days in the past when it was warm!

In 2011 it was the warmest Easter ever measured in Holland. It looked like summer, that day! In that case the accessories are not necessary, and the striped T-shirt or singlet can be taken out of the wardrobe.


Whatever the weather does and wherever you are, along the water, in nature or anywhere else, the Breton Strip team wishes you a happy Easter.

Hopefully a sunny one!