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Hooray a baby is born, a happy time!

Hooray! A baby is born, a happy time!

For the parents, but also for the parents of the brand new parents, the grandfathers and grandmothers.

The grandfathers and grandmothers, that sounds strange because grandpa or grandma is an old-fashioned word and you don’t feel that way at all.

You want to give something for the new born baby, and it is lovely for the parents to get something for the baby.

A newborn Baby gift with accessories.

A baby bonnet: A large part of your heat loses the baby through the head, and it is extra important to stay warm.

The striped baby hat helps to keep the baby head warm. The bonnet is made from 100% cotton. Just like all the other items in the newborn Baby gift.

Baby scarf: For outside, a walk in the springtime is lovely and the baby stays warm.

Booties: Very handy to put on and take off and … it is looks also very cute!

Bag: All the accessories are put in a striped backpack.

It is nice to know that all these accessories, and all other items in our collection, are Fare Trade, and produced within the EU.