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Enjoy the summer

It’s nice to walk in the sun along the beach. With a Breton T-Shirt you can walk in style! Timeless, a stripe shirt as Brigitte Bardot wore in the hightimes. Enjoy the summer with Breton Stripe!

Hopefully a sunny Easter!

Still the Easter can be a bit fresh. If we look at the past few years, the chance of a cold Easter is greater than a warm Easter. If it is a bit chilly it is nice to have a hat, hair band or scarf.

The many colorways of BretonStripe

Stripes go great with the spring and the summer feeling. The Breton shirt is unisex, which means it could be worn by women and men. It’s a timeless shirt, a classic, which has become a staple of the fashion-world from today. The Breton shirt remains popular, but how come?

New in the 2019 collection

Yes, we have a new variant for the 2019 season. The Breton bonnet with Uni color cover. This gives a slightly different “look” to the Breton bonnet.
Look at the Breton bonnet in the shop and see if there is any color you like.

The season has started again!

The season has started again!

We have been on the HISWA RAI, Boatshow Amsterdam and we look back on a successful exhibition. It is clear that everyone is looking forward to the new season. Nice weather, sailing, around the water, for activities and relaxation. The Breton shirts really belong there!
New Breton T-shirt

d at the HISWA and now also available in the shop; The Breton T-shirt, Single Jersey quality. The Single Jersey is shiny,nice and soft.