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Classic Breton wear and accessories for woman, men, children and babies

Thanks to years of experience in the production of Breton clothing, we are able to offer optimum quality.

A little bit of history

This experience is based on a long family tradition.
It started in 1887, with a factory making hats, caps and lace, which was owned by my great-grandfather and was in the centre of Amsterdam. When my father later took over the business, he specialised in making 100% cotton, striped, outdoor garments.
In 2011, as the youngest of four siblings, I launched my own brand: BRETON STRIPE.


We take care of the entire production in our own factory, from the thread through to the finished product.  We weave the cotton thread onto a bolt, after which it is cut and prepared by hand. To us, it is important that each BRETON STRIPE article is made with great care and matched “stripe by stripe".

Warehouse and office

From the factory, all the articles are gathered in our warehouse in the Netherlands.  From here, all the orders are packaged and shipped with painstaking care. Our office, from where we coordinate the administration, stylisation and communication for BRETON STRIPE, is also here.


The extensive BRETON STRIPE collection consists of classical models adapted to current fashions. Long-lasting, comfortable clothes that can be worn all year round. Each model is available in different colours and many sizes, from XS to 5XL.  We also have a collection for children and babies: from new-borns through to 12-year-old boys and girls.


As a result of our skill and years of experience, we choose top quality Heavy Jersey fabric to produce the BRETON STRIPE collection.

Fair Trade

BRETON STRIPE is an honest brand. Our garments are manufactured within the EU under the fair trade regime, using 100% ECO Tex cotton.

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